Gift. Meaning of a gift. Gift for holidays and for any occasion

Gift. Meaning of a gift. Gift for holidays and for any occasion

What can Wikipedia tell us about the gift?

A gift is an item which the donor willingly gives free of charge for the purpose of giving pleasure, benefit to the recipient of the gift. A gift has a similar meaning to a gift or donation. But as a rule, giving a gift is associated with some occasion: a certain event, custom or holiday. 

The occasions for giving a gift come in a variety of forms. 

The most common ones are:

  • customs and holidays (birthday, anniversary, New Year, wedding, Christmas Gift, Valentine's Day);
  • Expressions of appreciation, gratitude;
  • expression of love or friendship;
  • expression of sympathy;
  • expression of sympathy.

The meaning of a gift

Often the gift has an additional hidden meaning, understandable to both the giver and the giver. This meaning is due to the personal relationships of people, as well as the way of presenting a gift or the occasion on which the gift was presented. Sometimes the gift imposes a certain obligation on the person to whom the gift is given, requiring a return gift after some time.

The tradition of giving gifts is very popular nowadays and has turned from a rather modest event into a whole ritual. In society there are people who are consumers of gifts (because a gift is something valuable, which can be expressed in monetary terms) If we look more widely from the tradition of giving gifts, not only one side (the person who receives the gift), but also another (the person who sells gifts in the form of goods or services) benefits. So, if I am a "cynical capitalist" then it is possible to trace the connection of the benefit of the tradition of giving a gift, for a third party "gift seller" .

At the moment the concept of "gift" is highly commercialized. There is a whole industry of producing and selling gifts for different occasions, many companies use gifts for their marketing purposes (they organize competitions among consumers with the distribution of gifts to the winners, they distribute free samples of their products or things with the company's attributes in different ways).

The history of the gift

Many sources, which write that the tradition of giving gifts has its origins in the Romans, as if the first day of January, as they called it the day of winter charity, people gave each other gifts during the celebration. In their first form they were evergreen tree branches and then evolved into cakes to symbolize prosperity and sweetness in the coming year.

I believe that the Romans are not pioneers of gift-giving, revisiting some historical information, I was reminded of Troy and their so-called Trojan horse. If you do not know, the Trojan horse is a huge wooden horse, which is a key character in the Trojan War.

What are the gifts? Types of gifts

As a rule the thing that you made with your own hands will be appreciated more than the same thing, but bought in a store. But you can't always do something with your own hands.

You can give anything, as long as the gift you received was of practical use to the one to whom you want to present it.

And it would seem that you have no ideas for a gift. When it seems that the person already has everything, but you still want to do something nice and unusual. To do this, you should just listen to the person. Sometimes we just don't notice the little details, or don't pay attention to them. But it seems that these small details can make people happy.


The gift is a complex and important part of human interaction that helps to strengthen relationships between people.